2. Integration of the protocol into the algorithm

In general, the integration of the protocol needs: 1) a start/stop control and 2) a dialog window to introduce the parameters of the protocol. In order to do so, several modifications of the code have to be done.

  1. Creation of new variables.

  2. Changes in the nib file. The main.nib file contains the information about the user interface, which can be easily modified using the application Interface Builder. The nib file has to be modified in order to include the new graphical objects (e.g., windows, buttons, sliders, text boxes, etc.) required to control the protocol.

  3. Changes in already existing functions.

  4. Definition of new functions.

After all these changes have been made to the code, this has to be recompiled in order to make them functional.

JM Huguet 2014-02-12