Coding the host algorithm

Most of the tasks performed by the host algorithm (communication, graphical rendering, event handler, etc.) do not need to be modified when designing a new protocol. So the user only has to expand a little piece of code to write a new protocol. There are two different steps in the designing process: 1) the algorithm of the protocol itself (what the instrument has to do) and 2) the integration of the algorithm in the user interface of the lt application. The first one involves control theory and the algorithm has to be written in C. Thus, the algorithm has to include the orders to read the inputs (time, force, position, limits); take decisions (decrease force, switch direction, etc.); and send orders to the instrument (move trap, move motor, etc.). This first step of the design depends on the type of protocol to be implemented. The second step, i.e., the integration on the application, is common for all protocols. It is only necessary to prepare the graphical interface (buttons, sliders, windows of parameters) and the events (start/stop protocol).

JM Huguet 2014-02-12